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Trust is earned, character is proven.

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Who We Are

Charles Bridgeford is an asset management firm that brings a unique combination of  experience in institutional investment management and agriculture to the development of a farming community-minded source of capital that helps farm operators continue sustainable land stewardship while growing their businesses. Charles Bridgeford literally bridges the ford between global institutional investment and risk management best practices and local community, relationship-based decision making.

The team at Charles Bridgeford believes that success starts with purchasing high quality assets through proprietary deal sourcing and then applying a strict risk management and loss avoidance strategy. Charles Bridgeford’s approach cultivates networks of local farmers and related agricultural professionals to find, purchase, and lease high-quality parcels of farmland to generate long-term, stable, cash yielding, uncorrelated real asset returns that have an attractive risk-return profile. Charles Bridgeford works to create sustainable returns and sustainable communities by bringing together farming families and our clients to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

Our Lineage

Charles Bridgeford is built on the legacy of two grandfathers who epitomize our motto: Trust is earned, character is proven.™

Born in Saskatchewan in the early 20th century, Malcolm Bridgeford Hunter and Charles Alexander McGall lived highly principled lives that focused on hard work, family, and service to their communities.

We have named our firm after these men as a “tip of the cap” to those who came before us and to recognize their contributions to our families and communities.

Photo of M. Bridgeford Hunter

M. Bridgeford Hunter

Photo of M. Bridgeford Hunter

Charles A. McGall

Our partners at Charles Bridgeford are individuals and organizations who have a forward-thinking perspective on investment and sustainable agriculture. Our investment partners are concerned with seeing strong and stable

Returns based on environmentally sustainable and ethical investments. And our agricultural partners are concerned with growing their modern sustainable farming operations.

Charles Bridgeford Ethics

Our Ethics

At Charles Bridgeford, we adhere to strict ethical guidelines surrounding team members’ conduct as well as our investment practices. Charles Bridgeford team members are held to the Chartered Financial Analyst Code of Ethics and Standards for Professional Conduct.

At Charles Bridgeford, we hold all of our investing decisions to the highest standards by implementing global, institutional investment best practices.

We also adhere to the Institutional Limited Partners Association’s Private Equity Principles document that outlines the responsibilities asset management firms owe their clients.

Charles Bridgeford follows the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment for environmental, social, and corporate governance best practices and the United Nations’ Responsible Investment in Farmland guidelines.

" Farmland is a theoretically safe, investment producing, inflation-protected hedge...The downside is that farmland is also very illiquid and a complicated thing. Farmland returns are nearly rock steady though. "

Barton Biggs

Traxis Partners

" Agricultural Farming- If you buy the right land and you find the right farmers, you’re going to make staggering amounts of money because agricultural prices will go up, the value of the land will go up, your profits will go up every year. That’s where the most money’s going to be made if you can find the right land and the right farmers. "

Jim Rogers

" We think now is an excellent point of entry for taking a long-term position in Agriculture...We're surely going to have an inflationary situation fairly soon. In that kind of environment, owning a hard asset like land is a good hedge "

Lord Jacob Rothschild

" Land is scarce and will become scarcer as the world has to double food output to satisfy increased demand by 2050. With limited land and water resources, this will automatically lead to increased valuations of productive land "

Joachim von Braun

Director General @ IFPRI

Our Team

Charles Bridgeford is made up of a tight-knit core team in which everyone is a partner in the success of the firm. We combine our individual strengths to accomplish our key goals of sourcing high-quality farmland, finding experienced farm operators interested in growing their operations, and managing risks for our investors. We draw on the strengths of external advisors for other aspects of our business.

Our core team brings expertise in institutional investment best practices and in Canadian agriculture. We are deeply

tied to farming communities, particularly in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We have ties to and family in farming communities and deeply care about the health and growth of these tightly-knit communities.

We love what we do and believe that Charles Bridgeford will accomplish the mutually beneficial goals of generating strong, stable returns for investors while engaging with and helping grow sustainable farm operations and strong farming communities.